Here is a recap of my visit to a verizon store today.

I walked in and saw no Palm advertising. I did see the Palm and Pixi on display. From left to right, Pixi, BB Bold, and the Pre.

I started playing with the Pre. For me screen size is important since I need my font to be bigger. I am able to set my font size on my BB globally.
I tried to find an option for setting the font size on the palm pre but could not find one. I asked a sales person if they knew how to make the font larger, he said "you're asking the wrong guy, but I'll get someone to help you". No one ever showed up.

I played with the pre some more and really liked it.

I went over to the Pixi. It was not even active so I couldn't try it out.

So I think I'll end up getting the Pre in a few days either from bestbuy or online so I don't have to deal with the mail in rebates. If I knew Palm had something with a larger screen coming out soon I might wait but I don't know that that will happen.

So in conclusion, definatly not the hype of the Droid, seems like it isn't even a priority for them to sell these.