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    As WebOS versions have gotten more robust, battery life, for some of us, has become harder to preserve. Not too long ago, some enterprising young members, came up with some ideas to turn off data and gps quickly, or turn on Roam Only, all of which can help preserve power. From what I have been able to figure out, there are three ways to manage such things:

    1) Patches to the right drop down menu adds data, gps and roam only options

    2) three separate data, gps, and roam only toggle apps

    3) the Quick System Tasks app, which handles it all

    Which do YOU use and why? What do you like about your choice better than the others?

    I ask, because I haven't pinned down what's best for me.

    I find the patches to be the cleanest and quickest solution. But, I'm I've found that, adding certain patches can actually drain battery power, and cause system lag.

    Quick System Tasks is a very cool app and covers it all, but it is fastest to access in tray mode, which takes up a small, but for me, noticeable amount of screen real estate just for one little icon. Conversely, if you use it only in card mode, opening the app, switching a function on or off, and closing the app is time consuming.

    Which leaves the toggle apps. They are the least "sexy" solution because they are
    separate apps. Also, they only give a brief message upon activation/deactivation, telling you whether a function is on or off. If you forget if you are in on or off mode, you have to go into wherever that function us usually managed on the Pre to find out, or you have to flip the Toggle, read the message it gives and, if needed, flip it again. Only the Roam Only toggle gives an on message when on. The Data and GPS toggles do not. BUT, they are quick, and don't risk slowing down the processor, draining the battery, or taking up space in the tray.

    So, they all have their pluses and minuses. What's (all) your take on the subject?
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