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    my pre does not seem to have yahoo or linkdin under messaging accounts. i have the 1.3.5 version on this phone also is there a way to get facebook alerts like i did on my iphone? also when syncing with doubletwist my album art dont show up just some of it
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    yahoo IM seems buggy and I couldn't get it working properly.

    Not familiar with the other two questions.
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    Interesting. I was reading that Yahoo IM is not supported on the Verizon Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. Didn't make much sence, but it sounds like for whatever reason Yahoo IM Is not included with the Verizon phones.

    I double checked at the local Verizon store this evening and sure enough -- no Yahoo IM.
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    i was playing with a Pre Plus at Verizon today and do remember seeing the Linked In ap on the demo model. Logged into my account and it worked great.
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    Yeah I just see gtalk and aim does anyone with the have yahoo and linkdin on there pre plus

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