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    thanks Windows 7.... oh wait, what? this is the palm forums? oh my bad... lol in that case windows made some leaps, and apple, well those tweakers made some bounds, bbuttttt its been less than a year and Palm is pretty much actin like chuck norris (refer to chuck norris fact app) and round house kicking every part of the competition =)

    Thank you palm =)

    PS: i do like my windows 7 too lol
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    i haven't got my HoMM or M&M yet.
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    This seems to be working out well for you. Why don't you ask for a Voice Dialer next.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
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    i agree. voice dialer it is. i want it! though id hardly use it id love to have it to brag to other smart(dumb really) phone users. lol

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