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    I was wondering if it was possible to make a folder type app that lets you put certain apps into a folder. i hate having so many setting apps and i wud like to be able to just put them all together in one.
    I know on a jailbroken ipod theres an app called categories that lets u put apps into a folder, it lets u name the folder whatever you want and choose from a list of icons to be the icon for that folder. i would love something similar to that.
    Let me know what u think!
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    there is an app for preware that will allow you to name each page..
    it is called "named pages in the launcher"
    is this what you mean?
    It works well, i have Use all the time things on page 1, downloaded apps page 2, games on page 3.
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    yeah ive seen that, i had that for a little bit
    but i mean a specific folder that u click and it brings up other apps.
    just watch the first 40 seconds of this, it demonstrates what i mean but with the ipod

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    I use the named pages patch and the add/delete pages patch, so I have a page in the back called "System" where everything goes.

    Edit: You replied at the same time as me. I just watched the video and I think the method I described is just as easy, if not easier than that. I don't have to look for an app to get to my folder, just tap the page header.
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    Why not just make a new page and dump all of your "crap" icons there?
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    well its not just dumping my "crap" icons but organizing all of them. i usually have just one page with everything on it and delete the other two and i was just wondering if there was a way to put all of the "settings" apps together in one folder.

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