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    So I went to a verizon store in Clifton nj today because I have been wanting a pre for a long time but my didn't want to switch. My first thoughts using the pre was that it was really really laggy and not smooth at all. Even gesturing up to select one of the bottom icons was jumpy and choppy. Same with most of the areas of the pre. Even texting would sometes lag behind and need to catch up. Then I went to the pixi and was struck with a completely smooth ride with none of the problems of the pre. Was this just a laggy verizon pre? I got scared because I love and want a pre so bad but.... I don't want a laggy phone.. And the pixi was so smooth and keyboard was awesome but I want all the upgradedness of the pre.

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    Did both devices have a fresh reboot?
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    It could have been a laggy Pre, and might have been on for much longer than the Pixi was. Sometimes the browser memory leaks and certain other parts of WebOS have some trouble with memory utilization. Also the Pixi deals with a slightly smaller res 320x400
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    I unfortunately did not have time to reboot the pre but I am going to a different verizon store in a day or two to try out a different pre there and see if there is a difference. I will try and reboot both phones there.

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