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    Emailed them a few days ago when people were talking about NOVA, got a pretty quick response, which is promising. Also, bought Asphalt 5 and Assassins Creed(not listed on their site I noticed), doing my part...
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    what did they say?
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    Isn't this like the third thread you made about this? Give it a break, you're bumping threads that actually need attention to the bottom of the list because of it.
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    this is the only 1 I've made. other people have made them too
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis6279 View Post
    what did they say?
    First email was an auto response email with about 5 different languages in it.
    "Hello, Bonjour, Bonjorno, Hola , Hallo,


    Thank you for contacting Gameloft's Customer Service. It may take 2 business days for a reply, although we'll make every effor to contact you sooner then this. Please note that our offices are closed on weekends. While you wait for a response, please visit our FAQ at Find Mobile Games, Java Games - Find the Best iPhone Games Available | Gameloft for answers to the most frequent questions.

    Thank you,
    Gameloft Support Team"

    Second email.

    "Hi !

    Thank you for your suggestion. We are always happy to get feedback from our customers. Rest assured we have forwarded this information to the appropriate department for future consideration.

    Best regards,

    Dang Hung
    Customer Service Representative
    iPhone Games, Mobile Games - Java Games for Mobile Phones | Gameloft
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    thats what i got too
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    You made this thread literally 5 minutes after someone else made one about NOVA coming to the Pre. We don't need two discussions about the same thing on the same page with only two threads separating them. Cut it out.

    edit: I really hate how this forum won't allow you to post internal links.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithe68 View Post
    Best regards,
    Dang Hung
    I'm betting thats not his real name. LOL
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    Ahhh nooo, not FPS games, give me simple time wasters. Block Breaker 2 would be great on here .
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    Hows it different from the regular Block Breaker game?
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