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    I tried to install the 5x4 v2 patch with preware and i kept getting an error. so i just stopped and restarted my phone so i could try it again and went into preware and it set it was installed, but i still had the original 3x3. i tried to remove it and i kept getting an error. i ran the emergency patch recovery and it removed all the patches except the 5x4. it just wont go away
    any suggestions without having to doctor it????
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    in WOSQI goto device management>under the apps section se if 5x4 is there . if so,uninstall it. if its not let me know...
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    yeah its in there, do i just uninstall it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaincho3 View Post
    yeah its in there, do i just uninstall it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by max.swell View Post
    if so,uninstall it.
    oh sorry, i didnt see that
    but thank you it worked!
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    Please help. Same problem here. I cannot get the 5X4 version 2 removed. It goes away from the list of installed patches, but my icons still show 5X4 and I can't install any other launcher icon patches. It's like it's stuck there. I've tried both WOSQI and Preware.

    Got it, finally. Had to run EPR, though. Not cool.
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