This is my second Pre. I had to get my first (release day) unit replaced a few weeks ago because 1.3.5 bricked it beyond the repair capabilities of even Sprint techs.

During the past week or so, the Z C B and M keys on the keyboard have begun to randomly stop working, only to start working again later. I can not find any pattern to this, and it doesn't appear to be software related. I have no third party apps or patches of any kind, and restarting the phone and/or pulling the battery once the keyboard stops working has never fixed the issue, it just randomly goes away after a period of time (a few seconds to 15+ minutes).

Has anyone experienced a problem like this? I was unable to find anything similar from a quick search, so it's looking like I have a physically defective phone. I have not dropped or otherwise subjected it to physical trauma of any kind.

I made a fuss about Sprint making me wait for a refurb unit when they had literally stacks of new ones in the store back when I was getting my original replaced (6 days without a phone because it was New Years eve and shipping was slow), and most everyone here told me I was just being whiny. Looks like I ended up getting a bum replacement, guess it's time to head on back to the Sprint store