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    Is there a way to run standard webos applications from novaterm? (or from a terminal window inside the Pre)?

    Let's say that I want to run the "Updates" app (in a Pre that doesn't show it)
    I've already copied the files, I just want to know if there's a way

    Thanks in advance
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    How did you manage to make it disappear?

    If it's not showing in the launcher, then it is probably corrupted. Novaterm can only launch apps that the launcher recognizes.
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    If the updates app is not visible in the launcher did you check the appinfo.json? Does it say "visible = 'true'"?
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    Grrrr! stupid me.. hehehe
    I borked the directory structure and I didn't had the correct files in the correct directories!

    Here in Mexico, two carriers have the Pre, Telcel officially, and Iusacell unofficially.

    Iusacell grabs Sprint phones and rebrand them, but the *******s delete the updates app.

    So, I grabbed my Telcel Pre's Update app, and copied it, but copied them in wrong places.

    I moved the files to the correct place and the update app appeared

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    Anyways, I was looking again for this, and found it on the webosinternals wiki:

    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.applicationManager/launch {\"id\":\"\"}

    This will open the browser, the same for any application

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