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    It isn't there. Apologies if i have posted in wrong section I am new here, But I got my Pre today, installed preware and everything else but all the guides say that wirc is in preware and it is not, any help would be appreciated.
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    look under "available other"
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    preware has universal search also just type in wirc.
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    Thanks, sorry for the stupid questions, I am used to an iPhone and I only got it today so I have some learning to do yet. Didn't realise the app had universal search.
    Irc and Yahoo Messenger (or a combined messenger app) are the only things I needed, I read that Yahoo was available for a short time but then got disabled, is there any native app that supports Yahoo Messenger yet?
    Also wirc does not appear to support /ns commands?
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    is /ns commands, nickserv commands? Just use /msg NickServ. Those shorthand commands aren't a standard IRC command, they're specialized.
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    Yep, I tried /msg NickServ, I didn't ident (I'm an admin of a large IRC iphone help room so I am used to the commands), basically nothing happened. I am on Moofspeak IRC.

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