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    If i plug my pre into any computer USB (home or work) it says "charging" but it doesn't charge at all -- it literally stays at like 30% for 6-7 hours

    if I put it into the wall, it charges normally.

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    Try a different USB cable. The Pre is really picky about the USB cable used to connect to the computer.
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    but the same USB cable is used for charging from a) the computer and b) the wall jack

    it works from the walljack but not the computer (same cable)

    so it can't be the cable

    something is messed up
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    USB is a trickle charge. Charges much slower.

    Is the cord you are are using the "official" palm pre cord? If not its prob not getting enough amps through the USB. It may work ok for the wall charger, but be subpar for USB.

    Last question is: Are you using it alot during the USB charge? People have been reporting that they really do not gain any charge while using the device during a USB charge.
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    Yeah like Mike said, if it's not a Palm cable it could charge slower than it consumes when plugged to the USB (as it is quite a bit lower voltage), but appear to be normal when plugged into an outlet.

    It's not like you have a picky cable.
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    restart your computer. I sometimes have problems with my home pc doing this, its usually when i disconnect the pre and the pc doesnt see this for some reason (still shows up under devices and wont let me eject it), only way i can fix it is a restart, not even a log off helped.

    this happened last night and i had it hooked to the computer for like 30 minutes and it STAYED on 0% battery the whole time. but mine wouldnt even say charging, it would just brighten the screen when i plugged it to the computer, but charged like normal on the wall charger
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    Had the same issue yesterday. Will try to do a restart of computer
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    Sounds to me like your motherboard isn't putting out enough voltage for the phone to recognize it. The problem is either the design of the motherboard, or your PSU is underpowering the system.
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    TheSmJ has it right; it sounds like your USB port it either shot, or isn't giving enough juice out.

    Try a different port (IE; if you are trying the front ports, try the back ones) and see if the Pre charges that way

    (I have a USB port on my machine that is damaged and it won't charge; it still works for other devices like flash drives, however.)

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