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    Dunno if this is new or not but the update app to check for the latest firmware we have on our Sprints last page is now not only displaying your latest update firmware but below that its now saying whats new in that update (highlights) ... Never saw this before today ...

    I got alittle excited because i thought i would see 1.4 sitting there, or 2.0 whatever it is ...

    Also as a side question someone posted a video of the Verizon Pre plus doing video at the store, does the plus come with the new update? or what that a rep showing it off and if so how did they get it so early??
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    Yeah it started doing that since either 1.3.5 or
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    Highlights started with 1.3.5. and VZ is out with
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    Guess i haven't checked for updates in some time .... well its almost Feb
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