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    I'm sure this has been answered near 1,000,000,000 times already, where are the ipks stored when you install an app from the app catalog? Or how can I get a raw IPK from the app store that I could install using WOSQI? Thanks in advance.
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    They are not stored anywhere. They are downloaded tmp to /media/internal/downloads and are hidden while they are downloading by a preceeding "." ie: "" once installed they are removed. They are also unpacked to various locations during the install. But the main ipk is located here. Sometimes however, I have seen the application get downloaded as a data.tar.gz and a control.tar.gz it was in some developer folder under /media/internal .

    I save all my ipks when I download it from the app catalog. Im werid like that.
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    Ok then, where can I get an IPK of app catalog apps that I can install with WOSQI???
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    You can't just download a ipk of a app catalog app unfortunatly. You need to get it from the app catalog. The only way you can get a ipk is for a application out of preware using the non-offical feeds. There is no way to get offical apps in ipk form.
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    How would I go about doing that?
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    The poster above isn't entirely accurate... if you wanted to get an IPK of any app, you can... You just have to make it yourself.

    The WebOS SDK includes the function palm-package. This takes a properly formatted directory of files, and creates an installable IPK.

    So, what you would have to do, is navigate to wherever the application is installed (probably media/cryptofs/apps etc), cp that folder to /media/internal (the Pre's USB partition), connect the device to a computer with the WebOS SDK, and run palm-package on that folder.

    Its possible, just not super easy.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Why are you trying to get the ipk of an app that's readily available in the app catalog? Are you planning to redistribute the ipk illegally?

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