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    I just got the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon and while it does sync Yahoo email, it does not sync Yahoo IM. I was a big user of Yahoo IM and am wondering if anyone knows if this is temporary?
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    Will probably be on the 1.4 update next month. Palm is good with updating things like this. Send an email to Palm and tell them that you want this.
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    d'you mean yahoo I'm sync is not an option at all or your device is having trouble doing so?

    I must assume it's the latter since these devices ship with factory pressed, no?

    this is a documented issue on the forums for certain users.
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    Both the Palm and Verizon web sites leave out Yahoo IM -- only listing AIM and Google. There is something weird here.
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    The Sprint version webOS does have a Yahoo app, when I open it and put my password in it works, but when I go back to close the app, there is a different password, so whenever I use it I just install/uninstall the app. Not a big deal, hardly ever use IM.
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    I wonder if this has something to do with Verizon's exclusive deal with Bing?

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