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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    Palm posted it up as it is.
    Seeing it be described better both ways has me now confused...

    Being an infrequent email user I guess i will re-try a sync other than 'as item arrives' to like every 6 hours and I will see how it goes.

    I must say that the only time I got a 'hot phone' was when i was trying to sync Hotmail directly to my Pre and that was at any and all time settings. Gmail is fine of course.. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    Hmmm, won't hurt to try it ... I'll give it a spin.
    Any luck?
    There is no spoon
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    Maybe a PRL and network update will help solve our battery life issues. Just a guess.
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    The biggest factor for me is the phone trying to connect to a weak tower. This, above all other things, will drain your battery. It's a good reason to install the roam only patch. It's also a good reason to install the phone data disable patch.

    Even if I have wifi on, I've found that if you leave the phone's radio on, it will drain your battery.

    I wish somebody would write a patch that automatically turns off the phone's data connection while wifi is on, and leave wifi up (I know supposedly does this, but in my tests, it does not, unless the phone is on the charger) when the phone goes to sleep.

    Leaving things stock overnight, I lose about 60% of my battery. If I disable phone data, and bring up wifi (this keeps wifi active when the phone suspends), I only lose 10-15% overnight.

    This has nothing to do with the way email is being checked, and everything to do with what the phone is attempting to do with its radios. Even if you have a stronger tower near you to roam to, the algorithm on the phone will prefer the weaker sprint tower, resulting in much drainage. I suspect that while sleeping, the phone is trying to use the CDMA radio instead of your more efficient 802.11 radio, unless you manually disable data on the CDMA radio to force it to use wifi. This causes the battery drainage.
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    As mentioned earlier, it probably would help extend battery life if you constantly get emails. If you have it set to push and receive many emails, it probably is draining your battery since it is updating for every email. If you set it to update less frequently, it would receive everything in the one update instead of updating each time you get an email.
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    After switching to every 30 minutes, it's been 20 hours since I last charged and I'm at 54%. That's a first! Usually in 12 hours I'm at 20%.
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    It depends on your situation. There's a few things that can cause "as items arrive" to drain battery quicker:

    • Frequent emails. It's much better to check mail every 5 minutes and download new 10 emails at once than waking up 10 times to get each email individually. But if you don't get many emails, waking up every 5 minutes wastes power.
    • Bad internet connection. "As items arrive" needs to keep a connection open to the server, so every time the connection is lost, it needs to reconnect.
    • Server keep-alives. Some servers like Gmail send periodic updates even when there is no new email.
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