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    I am not an expert on video recording, so I am making a summary of this video demo review, but pls let us know what is missing:

    Full HVGA Support
    Record-Playback Original Video and Frames.
    Share-Upload to Youtube, via e mail and via MMS
    Edit- Dragging the video- Keeps the original Video and Frames on the Video Library (Video Roll)

    Option for Delete or Cancel delete.


    I did not see a zoom feature or I just did not notice it ????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    Yeah this has been noticed since CES, someone already made another thread about this like 5 minutes ago too. It's obviously a way to distract us from the app loading times.
    This is exactly how iphone apps appear they are launching quickly. Programmers are actually encouraged to use a screenshot of their app to load first while the app loads.
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    pretty cool, can't wait till 1.4
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