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    Many say there is no voice record because there is no Voice API, but Palm was able to add Voice Record to the phone.

    I discovered this while playing around...
    Goto the Device Info app. Then choose Preferences / Interactive Tests...
    Select "Audio Test". Choose to run the "Phone" Test and it will play a few piano notes into the ear piece. It asks you to press the "Record" button and talk. Then Press "play" and it will playback what you just recorded.
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    thank you.

    this has been known for a bit now. the problem is that is all you can do at this point. i believe until 1.4 gets released, i forget if that is going to be a feature on there or not. i sure hope so.
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    I didn't know that could even be done with the current OS version I mean. I am surprised that nobody has created a voice memo record. Obviously it can be done if they have that in there.
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    It calls a service:

    new Mojo.Service.Request('palm://com.palm.crotest', {
         method: 'RecordSound',
         parameters: {},
         onFailure: function() {
         Logging.log(this.errorClass, "failed Mojo call: RecordSound");
    This service "com.palm.crotest" is a daemon: /usr/bin/crotestd. The daemon itself runs the following command to record the voice:

    arecord -f cd -D record -d %d %s
    The resulting WAV file goes to:

    You can test it manually by trying the following command:

    arecord -f cd -D record -d 10 /media/internal/voice.wav
    You can then open voice.wav with the mp3-player app.

    So, it should not be that difficult to put this stuff into a service.
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    if you need voice memo Precorder does audio only, video only, or both.

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