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    What are people's experiences with Verizon's online discounts. I wasn't aware this was going to occur with the Palm devices and was planning on hiking up to my local Verizon store to get the device TODAY.

    I'm still going regardless to see which one I like the feel of better (Pre or Pixi), but I was wondering if anyone thought the reps in the store would somehow honor this price. Could I print out something from the website that shows the discount?

    I realize they want to encourage online buying, but is there ANY way they would honor that in store?

    Ah, I don't want to have to wait another day!

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    I have ordered my Pre Plus this morning already and will just wait until tomorrow. Anyway, My experience when the DROID came out was I ordered it online, but also wanted the multimedia dock... which was not offered online the first day. So, I went down to the local store but they were already sold out of what they had, BUT they did order it for me and gave me all appropriate discounts (I am the cell phone admin for my company).

    I would say give it a shot!

    BTW... I am really excited about the Pre Plus. I have the Moto DROID and love it, but am so looking forward to having the Pre as I have wanted it since it came out on Sprint...

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-20-11 @ 4:25pm EDT. P/O# 43839XX HP Order# 0305395XX reassigned to HP Order# 035751XX. Received email on 9-2-11 for delivery in 2 weeks. SHIPPED 9-19-11.

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-21-11 @ 10:16pm EDT. P/O# 44305XX HP Order# 0305569XX. Received email on 9-7-11 for delivery in 6-8 weeks.

    Picked up a 32Gb TouchPad Demo unit from Walmart on 8-30-11 after much negotiation...and Love it!

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