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    From Palm's website:

    Pre Plus
    Battery life Up to 5.5 hours talk time
    350 hours standby time

    Battery life Up to 5 hours talk time
    300 hours standby time

    Does Pre Plus have a larger capacity battery or is it software optimization?
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    im going out on a limb here but i am figuring they are about the same now.

    one when the specifics for the pre were created it was pre June 09

    then we had updates

    then the specifics for the pre plus were created, making it seem better then the pre who has the old specifics.

    im willing to bet if they updated the pre specifics it would be the same.

    from my limited knowledge the batteries are the same. however comma you would think since palm has the ability to put a bigger battery in, they would

    this is just my opinion and realize i am probably wrong.
    Pre be with you.

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    The Battery in all of the current WebOS phones is the exact same battery.
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    the internal hardware could be more power-efficient, then.
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    It was stated before that Pre has the same exact 550 hours as the Pre Plus and it just wasn't updated yet.
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    Same battery.... exactly the same battery.
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