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    Just an update to my post.

    My husband took my Pre back to Verizon for the double clicking issue on the keyboard. There was a Palm rep at the store. I got a new unit and it works great. No more double clicking!!! The only bummer is that I lost some pictures and some data with the change to the new phone.

    The Palm rep said that the update would launch next week.

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    The Palm Pre Plus looks like a good phone, I wanna get one once they come to bell.
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    its a beautiful phone had from day three of launch!!!
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    Update on my comments about lag in the calendar app:

    It turns out that the problem was caused by events I had in my calendar. I have been in the habit of entering birthdays, anniversaries, etc, on my calendar as recurring events, but not putting an end date on them. The result was that I had thousands of calendar events from the past several years, in Outlook, with hundreds being some sort of recurring event "in perpetuity". This is what caused the lag. I had to thoroughly clean up my Outlook appointments/events; removing things from years ago and putting an end date on all the birthdays, etc, that I have as recurring events. For example, let's say on today I had "Joe Smith's B-day 1968"; I moved the starting date to this year, and had it end in 5 years. Once I did all that I purged my Google calendar and phone, then re-synced with Outlook. Problem solved! I have no lag at all in my calendar now - and never had any significant lag with any other app.
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    I have had a Palm/Treo for years, and a Centro for two years. I was hesitant to get the Pre Plus because I can do so much on my Centro and it is so quick and efficient and durable. So my boss looked at the Pre and decided she wanted one. My daughter had just gotten the Pixie Plus and I looked at the Pre and played around a lot with the Pixie. I wanted the Pre. So I was able to get my business rep to give me two Pre's for B1G1 free. It came yesterday and of course, I had to help my boss get her's set up and of course, I put Preware on it. So I have had mine for one day.

    I can't believe what a GREAT phone it is, especially after reading some of the comments here about he Pre and the Pre Plus. It feels solid, about as heavy as my Centro. It opens and closes smoothly with my thumb. I haven't had any lags as long as the programs are open. Sure, it might take a few seconds for a program to open, but no big deal. The screen is gorgeous and I am super impressed. There are some great free programs like Accuweather and of course Pandora. It is a big change coming from the PalmOS and I still have a lot to learn, but overall, so far, it goes beyond my expectations.

    I am trying to get my daughter to trade her Pixie for the Pre (she's within her 30 days), but she is going to stick with the Pixie I think.
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    nice thread, shows alot of Verizon users are happy with the Pre---
    keep the reviews coming (and stop by this thread and rate your verizon store if you have time
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    I love my palm pre plus, best phone ever, started out with palm kyocera, remember that?then onto a palm clamshell phone, cant remember its name then to palm treo 750p and onto the PALM PRE PLUS, what an invention with WEBOS 1.4, cheers everybody
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