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    Plus is $599.99 month to month
    $149.99 w 2 yr contract
    $219.99 w 1 yr contract

    Pixi is $399.99 month to month
    $99.99 with 2 yr contract
    $169.99 w 1 yr contract

    Pre Plus offers "up to 3 additional phones for free" w 2 yr contract. Looking on the website, it offers Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 and LG5500 as the additional phone choices.

    Tried to select Plus phone with 2 year contract to see choices for plans but website hung
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    that 1 year price is very nice
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    Must have just put this up on the Verizon site after 12 am:

    Enter your location
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    Pixi Plus offers buy one get one (Pixi Plus) free w 2yr contract
    Nothing on the website about buying Pre Plus and getting Pixi for free
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    yes it sure is...

    now... if only there was a way to get it onto sprint... (i know, i know)

    hmmm im curius, how is the build quality... i had local BB people exchange and activate a brand new sprint pre 3 times right there at the counter because every single one had a quite prominent light leak spot/swipe on the screen (they shipped with 1.2.1 and other than the screen had a really sweet sturdy snappy feel, including keys. My launch day pre has whiter screen-these were a bit yellow) So im interested how they would compare quality wise...
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Must have just put this up on the Verizon site after 12 am:

    Enter your location
    saw it go up at 11.54
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    btw, found a older article here on precentral about the pre processor... would be nice to see these features actually in Pre 2... and on sprint... and this summer... :-D yes?

    up to 12mp cam!?
    720p video!?

    that would be something...
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    Can get free activation if order by 11:59 pm on Monday.
    Says free delivery of phone within 1 or 2 days
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    free activation will be charged initially and credit will be posted within 2 billing cycles
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    mentioned this on the other thread but there is no ability on vzw online to get pixi free if buy pre plus by Feb 14th even though this offer is listed on Palm's blog (see link below), hard to believe Palm would make a mistake:
    The Official Palm Blog: Plus Pricing -- Plus a Great Deal
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    When you get to the "features" section of going through the order, the option for Visual Voice mail is available.. interesting.. anyone know what the story is there?

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