View Poll Results: are you getting a pre plus or pixi plus?

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  • yes! tommorow on launch day!

    10 12.82%
  • yes, some time this week

    5 6.41%
  • yes soon, within the next month or so

    3 3.85%
  • waiting for AT&T /:

    2 2.56%
  • no, im staying with sprint <3

    57 73.08%
  • Why would i ever want a Webos phone!? eeew.

    1 1.28%
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicente_navarro View Post
    just out of curiousity (:
    I got the original Pre on launch day and kept it until November. I finally had to give it up due to the almost total non existent Sprint service in and around my home I loved the Pre although it did have some build quality issues, and I loved Sprint's prices. I ended up getting a Droid with Verizon ( I really hate Verizon for the way they nickel and dime you,but I love the service). Luckily my girlfriend gets a great discount with VZW because of work. Needless to say I sold my Droid on E bay and I am getting my sweet Pre back!! Also I hear that the Plus has an improved slider design!!! I cannot wait to get back to the Pre and WebOs!!!!!!
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    welcome back

    Quote Originally Posted by smithe68 View Post
    Wow, I caused people to have issues with my statement, which I admit, is horrible, especially for a 15+ year IT guy. I understand the difference, just had a few pitchers of beer in me watching football. What I meant was not worth paying more for the extra storage and doubling the RAM (I believe that's the amount the plus gets over the original?). Regardless, not worth it to pay $20/mth + for for a minimal gain imho. Damn that was a lot of work and backspacing, still not sure I got it clear.
    lol understood.
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    Yes i'm getting up early in the mornin and going to get it....thats if it meets my price range, if not i'll go back later on in the week.
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    I'm stickin w/ my Sprint Pre (which I like a lot despite some issues). I am very curious, however, to see how the quality is on the newer Pres the VZ customers will get. Not so much because I want one, but so I can have some faith restored that Palm will make a sturdy device again and I won't have to worry about that with whatever device replaces the Pre.
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    I'm Going to wait untill Verizon lowers it's plan pricing more in line with Sprints, although it is tempting to pay slightly more for better network coverage.
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    Palm Pre Plus in not worth it if you have the original Pre, I'll just wait for the next version to come out
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    Sticking with Sprint here. Great coverage, great service and great value for over 10 years. I will however stop by a Verizon store just to check out the Pre Plus. Hopefully they have a display unit. They may not however, considering Sprint did not on launch day. I guess there is always Best Buy?

    Good luck to all those who will be getting the Plus!
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    I plan to be at the Verizon store when they open. I have waited with my 755P since the pre was announced at CES 2009 for the pre to come to Verizon. Soon I will no longer be not-yet-pre!
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    thanx forr all the answers[: anyone else?
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    My local verizon store opens up tomorrow at 10 will be there by 9:59 so that I can be the first to buy it there!!! Finally it hits verizon
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    Can't make it to a store tomorrow so i ordered mine online.
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