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    I have a medical textbook that is in the form of an HTML Help file. Is there any way to view it on the Pre? If not, does it need to be converted to another format? If so, what format?

    Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.
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    Try the search button, i found this:
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    thank you netwrkr9.

    I downloaded Popelli Reader from the apps catalog. It located my pdb and prc files, but not the HTML file. Does it matter what folder/directory I copy it to from my computer hard drive to the Pre?

    Is popelli reader the same thing as pReader? I downloaded pReader also and it is on my computer hard drive. How do I install it on the Pre?

    thanks again.
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    IIANM pReader does not support Hyperlinks at this point in time.
    Your best best would be to convert it to HTML, store the HTML files in the USB drive.
    Install Lighty Web Server (Preware/Optware section)
    Then open your Pre's Browser,
    locate file in
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