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    Looks like i need to run this.

    But once i run this, do i loose all my contacts? or am i able to re-log into my palm account and they all come back up???

    i really cant loose all my contacts, so if thats the case ill have to deal with not having preware and patchs.
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    Yes, but your Palm profile if on will back it up and recover it when logging back into your profile. Or if you're nervous, back it up manually.
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    I've ran the webosdoctor three times now and all it does is reset you phone back to default and then you'll be asked to log in and all you're backed up info won't be changed, you'll be ok don't worry about it.
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    I just doctored my phone yesterday......lost no,music,contacts all still inplace......good luck......
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    Beware! transfer your contacts to google and dont depend on Palms Backup to save your contacts. youve been warned! lol
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