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    Ok this is really strange, all of a sudden my phone stopped playing stereo and only plays from the left channel. I noticed when listening to Eleanor Rigby and all of a sudden the lyrics were also impossible to make out but I could hear most everything else. I tried putting in earphones and it worked fine, but as soon as I took the earphones out it started only playing what I would've heard had I been only wearing the left earphone.

    Any solutions?
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    The Pre has a mono speaker, it is impossible to play music in stereo using the main speaker. Some people have speculated that the Pre plays only one channel rather than splitting the stereo signal evenly like other mono devices. Either way this is 'normal' & there's nothing you can do I'm afraid. Except hope that the Pre 2 has stereo speakers like BlackBerry use.
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    I agree that it is not possible to produce a stero audio image with one speaker. However that does not mean that you can't feed left and right channels into the one speaker to retain all of the audio content.

    It is fact that the Pre only plays the left channel of the stereo audio through the speaker. It is a deficiency which Palm needs to correct Nothing normal about it.
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    Thats absolutely awful. Half of the Beatle's songs use the right channel for vocals. What was Palm thinking? Gah. First time I've had a complaint with my phone.

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