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    I was sitting here getting the 4g evdo scrim to work and I kept plugging and unplugging my pre into the computer. Well all of a sudden it doesn't come up with the screen that asks me if I want to put it in usb mode or just charge. This is really frustrating and I am completely baffled why it would stop asking. Of course the one time I actually want to put it in usb mode it won't come up but when it asks me every other time I just want to charge it pops up.
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    This is a problem with the computer rather than the Pre - put simply sometimes Windows crashes with regard to the USB port - if it doesn't recognise your Pre it won't tell the Pre you're connected - it can be solved with a simple reboot of your PC. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks. I left the house and by the time I got back I plugged it in and it worked. You are probably right but we will never know.
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    Orange+sym+u will start USB mode

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