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    1) I would love if a developer would make an app for using my phone as a tv remote. I know that it doesnt have an ir port but if there was some way to do it i would pay good money. I would even buy a periperal that plugs into my tv just to have this. If I were developing an app for this I would make it so that you can view what is on which channel, kinda like a tv guide for twc but on your phone. that would truly be awesome

    2) I though of this while I was thinking about the tv remote app. I would like to navigate the xbox UI and more importantly, have it compatible with netflix. I wonder if it could connect to the xbox via wifi. Another app I would pay big $ for.

    3) I thought of this app while thinking about the xbox controller one. I would like to see ms make a xbox live app so I could see who of my friends is online and whatnot. I know we have this in preware but I would like a more official app. This one is less crucial but would be good to have none the less.

    If you are reading this and you are a developer, please make these apps so I can buy them from you. Please
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    I would like to connect to but it only works on windows mobile phones

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