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    So my Pre's about 6 months old now, and over the last month or two the reliability of the charging has dropped noticeably - and dramatically in the past few weeks. I'm talking about with the charger and cable that came with the phone, as well as with the Palm brand car charger, not with 3rd party accessories. The touchstone works perfectly for me 100% of the time, so it really looks like it's a problem with the USB connector on the phone.

    In fact, when I have the charger plugged in to the phone, I can push the cable in one direction and it will reliably charge while I'm holding it in that direction (usually "down"), but if I let go and let it just sit on its own it will quit charging. Push the cable again and it will charge again, etc.

    The worst part is overnight (since I'd rather not use the touchstone "flashlight" overnight) when I'll hook it up and then have to position it just so, wait for the charging icon to show up, then wake up to a completely dead battery, just because the cable must have shifted a tiny amount during the night.

    Is there anything I can try to do other than RMA it to Palm? I don't have Sprint's insurance, so I'm assuming I'd get nowhere with them. Anyone have any experience RMA'ing to Palm that can tell me whether or not this is likely to be something they'll agree it a problem and fix and/or replace? Some companies tend to be pretty good about things like this and some are obnoxious and always try to tell you you must've done something wrong.

    And if I do RMA it, what do I use for a phone in the interim? Will Sprint do loaners?

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    I had problems with my AC adapter. I had to really seat the plug and any kind of movement would either disconnect or do a kind of loop, where it keeps popping up that it's charging. Palm replaced the AC adapter without serious question or charge.

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