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    So I currently have a motorola droid and was wondering for those of you here that made the switch from android to webos, what do you think? would you go back or are you happy with your change? is there anything you miss? can gdial pro handle google voicemails? Thanks
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    My fiancee currently has a Droid and to be quite honest I am more happy with the Pre. First of all I love WebOs MUCH more than android. The OS is way more intuitive and easy to use but also has the customization if you decide to patch it. Also, we have 3D games now. Although the android app store has far more apps, android still limits the amount of apps you can store on your phone. I believe at this time is 256mb so it prevents it from getting large apps. Also, the physical keyboard on the droid is far worse than the pre's. I hate the non-functional D pad. It makes the keyboard unbalanced in the hand, your right thumb has to reach for the keys. Lastly, I think the android UI is ugly. I dunno after using webOS, android is to plain. The apps that you can customize the UI with cost money were on the pre they are free.

    One thing I like on the Droid is that the screen is super nice and big. But, I don't feel the pre's is too far behind. Honestly it's all up to the user. What I would recommend doing is going to the VZW store tomorrow and testing out the Pre+ for a few. If you like it Welcome to the community! If not welcome anyways Android central is a nice site too.
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    haha, well said. thanks for the advice. i'll probably end up doing that. do you know though if you are able to use google voice for voicemail with gdialpro or any other homebrew google voice app? thanks again!
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    I have never owned an android device personally, but I LOVE to play with anything new so I have played with many android devices and I know the basics of andriod. The first poster hit most of the main things. The main thing that I think a lot of mobile OSs these days is that they look bad or in BB case outdated. WebOS is extremely nice to play with and look at. Second biggest thing is probably the keyboard. Now I am not saying the pre keyboard is perfect because it isn't. But, I could not stand the Droid keyboard. I haven't gotten to play with the pre+ but I hear its keyboard has had some revision. Definitely go check it out tomorrow and I am willing to bet you are gonna be a pre user by the end of the week.
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    thanks, that clears out the question I had with android's game situation.
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    Yeah I always thought android had 3D games. But I was shocked to find out that the Pre actually has more 3D games than Android. Plus webOS app store is gaining new apps like crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up catching up to Android. That is if the phone does well on VZW and eventually AT&T.

    edit: Btw, yes you can use google voice for VM forwarding. Sprint added into the plans that allows the kind of call forwarding needed to use Google voice mail ( free of charge of course). On vzw.....I'm not sure, I know they like to charge for anything. but if you already doing that on your droid with no problems. I think you should be fine.
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