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    It's Palm's contest that gives away $1 million in cash to developers with the most downloads. It was part of the CES annoucements.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we got a lot of free and sale prices going on too but I'm just guessing.
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    I don’t expect to see any new apps because of the rollout of the pre plus and pixi plus on Verizon. The phones are not even being launched with access to Verizon’s app store for ringtones, mp3s, games, apps and wallpapers or Vcast music. The only offerings we are getting from Verizon are the VZ navigator GPS for $9.99 more per month and the Mobil Hotspot tether for $40.00 per month. So don't expect to see any bargain apps for Verizon. As far as the pre plus and pixi plus, they play the same apps as the pre and pixi, so there is no need to publish special or new apps just because they are hitting the stores.
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    What is this hot apps program? I am on this website every day and I havnt heard of this...
    Palm's paying out a total of $1 million for the most downloaded apps.
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