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    Hello, I need some clarification. on the 'Official New Features Announced at CES' thread this is stated


    -----* Pre Plus - 16gb Double the RAM

    -----* Pixi Plus - WiFi

    * FLASH 10.1 - Beta Available Soon.

    *WEBOS 1.4.0 - Due in February

    Any I forgot, let me know and I will add them
    What Im primarily concerned about is this

    WEBOS 1.4.0 - Due in February

    Does this mean sprint, or any other service does not get to update to 1.4 at all? I have sprint, and this would be highly disappointing imo.

    Hopefully, I read wrong. Thanks guys
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    you are wrong. All webOs devices will get 1.4 in Feb
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    We get 1.4
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    Thank you.
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    But the pixi will get flash after the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skohcl View Post
    But the pixi will get flash after the pre.
    Also, the Pixi currently doesn't support the new 3D games or SDL apps.

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