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    I got a Jabra Cruiser and my UK Pre runs Sprint 2.2 firmware.
    I had to Doctor it a few weeks back with the Sprint firmware so I could upgrade to cause I was losing my patience with the European release.

    Recently I tried to pair the two again. Although my Pre finds the Jabra it does not prompt me for the PIN code again and just gets stuck to "pairing". After some time the Bluetooth turns off on the Pre and nothing else happens.

    Is it an issue with the Pre or the Jabra? They both worked ok in the past with the EU firmware. I am not using any patches I haven't used in the past.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated....
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    no idea what that problem could be :S
    try removing the jabra (as in delete it from the pre).
    then restart both things and see
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    Well the Jabra does not show on the Pre.
    When I select find bluetooth devices it does show up. So it seems like it finds it as a new device, but I never get the "enter PIN to sync" prompt.

    The Jabra entry was removed after I doctored my Pre anyway....
    Sorry if I didn't explain that properly.
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    Ok all figured out. I had to reset the pairing list of devices on the Jabra. Apparently it can store up to 7 phones. And since I had paired in the past for some reason it was playing up. After I read the FAQ part of the online manual, I noticed I could reset the paired devices. Now I managed to re-synce it to my Pre.

    Btw if someone is looking for a decent handfree speakerphone I would definately recomment the Jabra cruiser.

    This may help someone else too

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