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    So, palm pre sucks *** when it comes to memory. 8gb is just not enough, is there a way to expand it? I tried searching the forum but couldnt find anything. I did find this when googleing: Palm Pre Memory Is that usuable for our palm pre's?
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    The Pre has no expansion slots, so no, neither that memory, nor any other memory will work with your existing Pre. Maybe we will get lucky and that will change with the next version, maybe not.
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    whyd you buy it?
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    why does 8gb suck?
    I have music on mine and i have 4gb left.
    I don't even care to have music on it since Pandora is a better option.

    Iphone was originally 4gb and 8gb

    The next pre will be 16gb atleast.
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    What exactly are you trying to store on a phone that 8gigs is not enough?

    It's probably once again a behavior problem, you can't listen to that much music that you couldn't simply store it on a computer and swap out songs as you listen to them.

    If you like me however and could possibly use that much room for installing version of linux/windows as a portable boot option you do have to relize that the device is not intended for that and really isn't extraordinarily fast, you should probably have a dedicated usb drive with at least 200x read anyway.

    Now I would understand if you travel a lot and wish to watch movies on the thing, but the battery doesn't really last long enough to allow for a movie which would take more that 4-6 gigs. (And that's allowing for a looong movie).

    But no, agbenson's right, there is no way to increase the size of internal memory.
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    Where would you put it? [sarcasm]
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    i have at least 1000 pics (from a digital camera so each is about 2-3 mb)...a couple hundred songs (dont see a point in more than that) and about 25 apps including 3d games and i still have about 3 gb left, 8 is more than enough...for me anyways
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    hehehe osmosis... lay it under the pre while charging... maybe it will melt itself into the phone!
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    The Sony Vaio desktop I had in 1997 had a 300meg intel mmx chip and 3gigs of memory. 8 gigs is plenty for a phone.
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    if u attach an external hard drive you can have access to ALOT more room lol
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    Why does everyone say 8GB is enough? Just cuz it is for you, doesn't mean it is for everyone else.

    BTW, it is plenty for me.

    To the OP, why does Palm suck? You knew the Pre only had 8GB, and no expansion slot, or you should have known. If you need more than the Pre is not for you.
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    maybe I'm just upset that the pre plus was released for verizon and not sprint (initially). I probably don't need anymore that 8gb, but I guess I like the fact that it has 16gb and more ram. I guess I should be happy that I'm on the advantage plan and only pay $24 a month.
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    it will be on sprint soon enough or one similar to the one we have but with more memory remember there is something called the c40 comeing to sprint soon
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by planetasia415 View Post
    maybe I'm just upset that the pre plus was released for verizon and not sprint (initially). I only pay $24 a month.

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