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    Ever since the forced update came out a day or so after .5. My Pre has been acting up.

    - Freezing on the touchstone during the middle of the night. No email notifications light up the screen anymore, just the noise and vibration. A few times no alarm (fixed by deleting all alarms and made new alarms).

    - Taking it off the touchstone in the morning would cause it to freeze after 5 minutes of use. After said freeze, it would restart. I had this with the .5 and before. But .5.1 caused it every morning.

    - Battery life with is aweful...

    - Getting tired of it, Thinking it was my touchstone back. I returned my touchstone/kit to the Sprint store where they happily exchanged it for a new touchstone/kit. + Kudos to Sprint

    - Same thing, so I decided to doctor it. Well, it still froze.

    - Doctored it again...same thing. This time, I wasn't able to open up the Calculator app or the Screen/Brightness app. And who knows what other app. Tapping on these icons would immediately freeze my Pre. I was also unable to load pages in the web app. It just had the circle loader come up in the middle if the smaller circle loader got past half way. Not good...

    - Took it to Sprint store. They thought it was bad that I could show them on demand how to restart my pre just by tapping the calculator or screen icons. I am awaiting for new Pre to arrive over the weekend. (Not sure if this will be New-new or refurbished-new). Nonetheless, + kudos again to them.

    - Well crap, I was not going to have a non-functional phone over the weekend with my job. So I Doctored it again but this time I decided to go back to 1.3.5...Oh sh!@...the power went out during the doctor process killing my computer in the process. I tried to restart the doctor upon computer restarting. But it wouldn't connect. At this point I was left with a bricked Pre, or so I thought since it was froze on the Memory Chip screen. I unplugged the USB, removed the battery and put it back in. Held the volume up button and plugged it in. Success, The doctor recognized it and started over.

    - Now running on 1.3.5 for a few days now...NO freezes, battery life is leaps and bounds better than, and I have reinstalled preware along with the mobile tether thing. NO problems whatsoever. Oh, and I can open up the calc and screen/brightness apps without it freezing.

    + My email notifications still do not light the screen up when it is sleeping. I can't remember if this was broke in 1.3.5 or

    Can anyone tell me if their email notifications light up under 1.3.5 or I have a yahoo email set up.

    So, what to do...I have blocked further updates on my pre because clearly does not like my phone. I plan on keeping it at 1.3.5 until 1.4 is released. But should I keep this phone that I know will freeze on the touchstone sooner or later. It has froze before but just not as much as Or should I take my chances with a new or new-refurbished phone that may have other problems?

    What would you choose?
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