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    Are they really safe? Or should I just stick with the "Official" Apps?

    If the answer is "generally OK, but be careful" with Homebrew Apps, how do I protect myself, or what should I do when loading one to assure/protect myself?
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    homebrew apps are safe to install and uninstall easily!
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    No risk at all.
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    No worries.....but if you're concerned research the developer
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    Homebrew apps are perfectly safe as long as you get them from a trusted source, such as Preware.

    Patches are the cause for concern, and if you don't feel comfortable removing and re-installing patches with each each webOS update, steer clear.

    Be careful, as there is at least one patch masquerading as an app (Messaging Plugins).
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    I will echo what others have said. Homebrew is very safe. I have not seen, or even heard about, a malicious homebrew app at precentral.

    The apps will not hurt your phone in anyway. Patches on the other hand modify parts of the OS and require that you give them attention from time to time. I would suggest that you try out some of the apps first, and then if you are feeling up to it, try out the patches. Just remember that you cannot permanently break your phone doing any of this, all the software modifications can be repaired using WebOS Doctor.
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    I've been using homebrew apps for months without problems. I've also been using patches without any problems -- you just need to remember to remove them before webOS updates. I have not tried any themes because I've read on this forum about too many problems with them.
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    with palm openning free distribution, safety can not be defined one way or another anymore.

    Preware, homebrew is safe. go ahead and enjoy.

    Difference exists in "homebrew", three types" apps. patches, themes.

    apps is safe, and no more step needed after installation.

    patches/themes, safe, but you need to remove them before each WebOS upgrade (easy to do, just need to remember doing it)
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    I am horrible with tech knowledge and I have patches, apps and a theme on my pre. As long as you remove all of it before an update you are fine. Also, before installing a theme make sure with the developer that patches are okay with the specific theme that you like. I would recommend preware over quick install. Preware is almost ***** proof.

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