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    With the PDK coming out soon, could this open the door for augmented reality apps?

    Or is Palm Pre hardware not technically capable due to no magnetic compass?
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    Seems like the compass is crucial to these types of app's. Maybe in the gen2 pre's.
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    It is theoretically possible to do augmented reality without a compass by comparing the scene on the camera with a known panoramic scene at the same location, but it would require a whole lot of number crunching, and a lot more downloading--I doubt we'll see it on the Pre, unfortunately. Perhaps a poor man's static version could be done: instead of a viewfinder with floating icons on points of interest, you could take a picture of where you are and then icons could be put on your static picture. That certainly knocks down the cool factor significantly, but the data and techniques to do this already exist, and I think the Pre could handle the processing, or could send the static picture off to a server. But yeah, it would be a lot less satisfying than what is out there now (though it suffers from some annoying inaccuracies from what I understand).
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    You could do it the artoolkit method with printoff patterns and pattern recognition software, you'd just need to make sure that the pattern stays within view the whole time you play.
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    That's what I thought. Hopefully the Pre2 does come out with a compass and it hits Sprint first.
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    At this point, I think the entire "augmented reality" thing is a complete gimmick. By the time it's the real deal, we'll have Palm's next gen device(s), and compass-less webOS devices will be nothing but a memory.
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