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    On the pre, No. But I like for palm to come out with a device similar to nexus one for those of us who use their devices more for multimedia. pixi, pre, and media X device will complete the line up. No landscape keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    no, I don't like the big screen because the phone itself become too big and take too much space.

    I dont really see the advantage of the screen of iPhone or N1, as it really makes no difference most of the time. as a phone, most of the time, the screen is off.

    I use the phone for web a lot, Pre's font is so beautiful that it display webpage so much better on the screen, the physical size of the screen is not a concern to me.

    I would like Pre 2 to have higher resolution, but I definitely do NOT want Pre 2 to get too large physically.
    I only agree with your first point, the other ones are stupid. Most of us use our phones for browsing. The bigger the screen the better the experience, a higher resolution on the Pre's tiny screen would only make everything load slower and harder to read. Also it is easier and more enjoyable to play mobile games on bigger screens. I could care less if the Pre's screen was bigger, but bigger is definitely better (up until a certain point) with the mobile experience.
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    need to keep the same size of the pre phones hardware and enlarge the screen just a tad more. but i think the phone is awesome as is already. just up my ram to 1 gig (for ****s and giggles) add a snapdragon or maybe a tegra to be different and make it 4g compatible with a camera on front also for video chatting, give me more gigs of free space and you got a great pre 2. just dreaming of course, the screens great as is
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