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    I am torn between staying with the pre or getting the nexus one. Could you please help me decide. Tell me please what are the advanages that the nexus one has on the pre please.
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    Well if you do some research between them, the Nexus one by a specs standpoint(in my opinion) blows away the Pre.. but as for OS advantages, I see webOS surpassing Androids 2.1 soon enough, and in some cases already.. And if history proves anything(might be different since its a 'Google' Phone)the phone wont be getting updates at lightning speed to the next versions..

    I love the Pre, has more potential IMO, but to each their own, go over to and check out their review
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    There is no way you can try it somewhere?
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    Here's one reason alone to stay away from the Nexus One, at least for now:
    Support Problems Good Reason to Avoid Nexus One - PC World Business Center

    Other reasons to choose Pre over Nexus One:
    Multitasking: Palm Pre Plus shows off multitasking upgrade with 50 simultaneous apps (video) -- Engadget
    Network (I wish this weren't the case and we could freely choose provider): Verizon OR Sprint for Palm Pre, vs. ONLY T-Mobile for Nexus One
    Homebrew/Preware/WebOS-Internals/etc: and this is a good example of what it's capable of Application:VBA - WebOS Internals
    Always reliable (however slightly small) hardware keyboard on Palm Pre, PLUS the option to install a s/w keyboard: On Screen Keyboard - WebOS Internals

    I could keep going, but I'll stop here and give someone else a chance to join the debate...

    P.S. I know you said "advantages of N.O. over Pre", but I figured I'd try to give you reasons to stay, rather than reasons to go...

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