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    Well, sort of lol.

    I know this is something a lot of us pre users would love to see. It would truly show the abilities this little phone has as a gaming platform, on par with the iphone and only rivaled by the iphone's user base, which i'm sure can be changed with the advent of new great games and features being added to this phone in the near future.

    For those of you who dont know what NOVA is, check this out: N.O.V.A - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

    It looks great, I want it on my pre, and I think we can all say that.

    However, I was browsing gameloft's website, and i stumbled upon something pretty cool. Does it mean anything? doubtfully, but maybe its a sign of things to come? Take a look and tell me your thoughts on the matter:

    See what game they put on the pre?
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    looks cool
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    Cool, looks sort of like HALO.
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    Yea, halo was a major part of the inspiration, you can easily tell. Gameloft has stated in the past that they can't share whether this will be released on the pre due to licensing terms, but let's hope this is a nod to kick *** sci-fi fps gaming on the pre! :P
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    I think we can expect to see just about any game ported to the Pre, it's just a matter of time. The release of the NFL app is essentially proof--it demonstrates that the releases at CES weren't just for show.
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    I'd like to start seeing more and more "hardcore" games coming to the pre, and fewer dumbed down mobile games. Stuff like Nova, and call of duty world at war zombies, and even modern combat sandstorm would be nice, then the original pre exclusives that are bound to pour out with the release of the pdk beta, i'm gonna be a very happy man
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    NOVA is really nice. played it a little on the ipod. Would be tight to see it on the pre

    if they can get it to play good in portrait id be a very happy man. I hate on screen controls and i wish more games would take advantage of the hardware keys
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    Now that looks cool and very impressive.

    I also like the Dual Virtual Controllers, which is not available on Call of Duty - Zombies...Thumbs up Gameloft programming and showing what is possible with an excellent group of programmers. Sorli...
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithe68 View Post
    Cool, looks sort of like HALO.
    hahaha i wanted to be the one to say that

    thank you mytether
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    Doesn't seem like it takes them too long to port these things, huh?
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    I wouldnt think it took too long, the devices are so similar, same 3d api, same shader support, same screen resolution, just a few minor changes and bam. i would assume anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skohcl View Post
    Doesn't seem like it takes them too long to port these things, huh?
    Considering that some developers copy and paste descriptions from iphone to pre(while leaving the name "iphone" in it instead of saying pre), yes I don't think it takes them long to port.
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    Yes! Do want! I'm waiting for some good FPS games to come onto the PRE, not really into any of the racing games. I bought Oregon Trail only because it brought back memories haha, and I'm thinking of buying the NFL game.
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    NFL's not bad, got lots of different real teams, and players, though everyone looks about the same, no one stands out unless they are super fat lol.

    I'd kill to see this advance onto the pre
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    I would not be surprised if this is an app tomorrow.
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    they have driver for iphone which is nut thinking that was awesome graphics like 6 years ago. now they have it for iphone and possibly pre. soon technology is gunna catch up on phones and were gunna have ps3 graphics. oooo! imagine 3d HDTV on your freaking phone. oh id be very P-Oed if HTC did it and killed it on t-mobile

    thank you mytether
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    Multiplayer Trailer


    Review by Random Guy:

    Looks pretty sweet if you ask me. Halo-clone for sure though. But it has online multiplayer... :O. I'd buy this.
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    Speaking of online multiplayer, does anyone think that same title games will be playable against iphone owners?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithe68 View Post
    Speaking of online multiplayer, does anyone think that same title games will be playable against iphone owners?
    It could be possible, but that'd be WAY unfair since the game is slightly different for iPhone and Pre.

    For example, Preplayers have to get used to the smaller screen and it would be fair for preplayers to battle each other but the game balance could be thrown when smallerscreenplayers play against biggerscreenplayers.
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    you know the screen sizes aren't that different. You're talking like a fraction of an inch smaller. All you gotta do is get used to playing.
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