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    "We were able to run four tasks on the Palm Pre Plus without slowing down the system. The same can't be said about the Palm Pre."

    lol they probly didnt even use the phone. They have no idea.
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    Depends on the apps, really. I suppose that if you open Asphalt 5 and then a few other intensive apps, you might get that effect on the Pre.

    Update: just read the second page, and the guy even links to At least he did _some_ homework...
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    It's probably worth mentioning that is now a crowdsourced content network, similar in concept to NowPublic or Wikinews. I don't mean that in a negative way, although it's always good to know who is writing whatever it is you're reading, regardless of the "publication." That being said, it's always nice to read a positive review!
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    That dude did not know what he was talking about at all!!

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