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    Simple question. Do you see a future where games and apps that are going to be released on both the iPhone and the Pre will be done so at the same time? For instance, NFL 10 was released today, months after the iPhone release (naturally, because the Pre didn't have the capabilitiy before), but do you think NFL 11 will come out on Pre and iPhone on the same date?
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    If verizon and AT&T add a lot of webos users, and it is significantly easy to program for both at the same time, then yes. Otherwise, iPhone will be first then WebOS. Sort of like game programming for mac and windows.
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    NFL 10 was released?

    I think it wouldn't be too hard for EA to do this. They do it with other lesser platforms (that don't have the biggest install base).
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    The work to port an app from the iPhone to webOS is minimal thanks to the PDK, and so with even marginal success of the platform I think we'll see this. The price might not be the same, but given the delay between going gold with the code and actually releasing an application, there should be enough time to squeeze in WebOS.

    If not, then we're talking a matter of a few weeks. Personally, I can live with that.
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    There will always be a delay (for now), because they're going to release their games on iPhone first (biggest market), then they'll port their best sellers to the Pre. Now, for sequels to popular games, they may go ahead and develop both versions simultaneously. Who knows, maybe they'll even start using a single codebase that can be compiled for either iPhone or webOS.
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    I would think once they have caught up getting old software out to webos, you will see games releasing on the same day for major releases from major game companies at least. If they know they plan to release it for webos it only makes business sense to release at the same time as to not lose potential sales with initial release hype.

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