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    Is there a way to keep up with new Apps on my device without having to sort through so many updated Apps? It's really hard to keep up with anything new when they are scattered in a sea of updates. I wish there was a way to turn off the inclusion of updated Apps or what appears to be reposts (Need for Speed keeps showing up even though I have the lates version for example) of previous releases.

    I know Pre Central does a pretty good job of trying to keep up with the releases each day but I want to see them directly in the App Catalog.

    As far as updates, it would also be nice if each update included a brief description of what's new right on the App's description. At least it wouln't feel like Apps are being reposted just to show up as new again.
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    Go here, and subscribe to these RSS feeds in your favorite newsreader. Then, you'll get notified of new apps in the App Catalog, beta apps, and Web-only apps.

    Custom Feeds - Palm Developer Center
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