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    When my palm pre told me to update webos to 1.3.5, i told her not to do it, so i could remove the few patches i use before updating.

    But palm pre's battery died before i could remove the patches and when i re-started my phone, it was already updated.

    Well, the first question is:
    what happens now and what shall i do to restore my patches?

    i've read a post from someone that updated to 1.3.1 without removing patches and what i see is that using webOSDoctor may help me to restore the patches.
    But, something may have happened to my webos??

    and the second issue:

    i'm not sure, but i was not able to download anything from the app store (not new things nor update app's)... and my pre was not functioning as smooth as it did before the webos update...

    the not removing the patches before the update may be the cause?
    is there something i can do?

    well, thank you very much!
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    im glad you specified that your Pre is a Palm. otherwise I'd really be lost.
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    jajjaa... because for me it is not a "pre" it is a "palm"!
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    Just run EPR in Preware
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive

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