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    I need to graph customers houses and yards for my job. I would like to find a way to do this on my phone and then email the graphs to myself to print at the office. I have searched for the 3 apps I'm thinking about in the forums and didn't find any info about them. The three I'm wondering about are EzSketch and Super Paint maybe used with Colors. The graphs are hand drawn right now, I need to be able to put as much detail as possible on the graph such as inset door ways, (Foyers) the actual shape of the outside of the house, and landscape areas, approximate size of the yard. I would like to do this in color if possible. Does anybody have these apps and used them for anything like this. I'm not sure if either of the 2 will work for what I want to do. Thanks for any help and advice and for trying to save me some money on these 2 apps.
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    no idea, but this is an instance where i think a tablet would be perfect.
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    no idea, but this is an instance where i think a tablet would be perfect.
    I agree. I think the Pre (or any mobile device with a relatively small capacitive touch screen) would be way too limiting for this kind of thing. My Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, though, would be perfect, as an example.

    I should note that Dell has great deals on their refurbs. I got my XT for around $700 after some discounts, when it was being sold new for over $2000.
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