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    Can anyone tell me why the text in my emails can't be seen anymore - just a blank screen? Headers and attachments are fine. New emails coming in are fine. The older ones that are blank were all visible earlier this week. On Tuesday I noticed the phone getting very hot and the battery level was much lower than usual for that time of day. So I did a full battery out restart. Also last night the phone got hot again and the battery monitor app was showing a drain of 19% per hr!

    The only thing I have installed recently is Classic Invaders game which worked fine and I have since uninstalled.

    Running on WebOS on o2 in the UK.

    I need to be able get my emails to display again!!

    Is there something wrong with my device? Can I do a factory reset or something to bring it all back in line.

    Any advice would be appreciated


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    Got my email text back by uninstalling and reinstalling both my email accounts. I think my Gmail account had a mail in it that the pre didn't like - and was not fully syncing, which would probably explain the battery drain. Once I cleared out the offending email, all seems to be back to normal. Took a couple of uninstalls and reinstalls to get there though!
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    Same problem here. Did a full reboot and was back in business.
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    Same Problem - can confirm shutdown and restart solved it for me too

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