Just got off the phone to O2 who are sending me my 3rd, yep 3rd Palm Pre in just over a week Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Number one had chronic "oreo" received a replacement for that on thursday, much better build quality, or so i thought till last night, i could feel the phone buzzing like mad in my pocket and assumed i was getting a call, nope, the flaming silence switch has gone loopy!!!!
When you switch it to silence it randomly flicks between that and normal and just to let you know it gives a little buzz everytime it changes state which at the moment is every 10 seconds.......its definitely a hardware fault because if you keep the switch pressed hard in the mute position its fine, as soon as you release the pressure it goes loopy again.
Its a bloody shame cos WebOs is sublime, anyone know if we are likely to get the Pre Plus on O2 and if it has the same build quality faults as the original Pre??