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    When you do the Pre backup... does it backup the memos also? or does someone have a list of what it all backs up

    THanks in advance
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    if i recall its memos, contacts, and apps
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    yup it's memos,apps,contacts and supposely photos or music doe
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    well some people could have a couple gigs of music so it makes sense they wouldnt be backed up it could get expensive
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    i think apps never packed up anymore in the new ... coz apps stored under " /media/ " folder which it not removed when webdoctoring pre ...

    recently i was on Bell rom and i have alot of apps installed from app catalog and prewear. then i webdoctored my pre with O2 and created new Palm Profile and when fininshed i found that all my apps was there and all works fine.
    only contacts, memos and messages was not there!
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    Well, to be clear, it doesn't really backup the apps themselves. It backups WHAT apps you have, then it would re-download them if you doctored or replaced your Pre.
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