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    Recently I had the speaker pop on my palm pre. I saw a thread on here with other people having the same problem. I printed out the thread and took it with me to my sprint store, and they ordered me a replacement. I got the replacement, and found that some of my apps(particularly need for speed, x-plane, and monopoly) were no longer there. in fact, they werent even in the app catalog! turns out that palm fixed the server bug, and it synced all my contacts onto my new pre running 1.3.1, while my old pre was running!

    Since I haven't heard of a conclusion yet, I just wanted to let everyone know that they no longer have to worry bout losing their synced data when getting a replacement pre!
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    Thats good to hear. Forward-compatibility (older software trying to use newer settings) can be a difficult thing to hammer down since you have to plan for all future contingencies.

    Let us know what happens when you upgrade your Pre to
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