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    I've read a lot here about defective Pre's and people getting new ones even after a couple months of owning them....How? Do you have insurance?

    The only time Verizon has ever given me a new phone if there is a problem is if its within 30 days. And usually if it is after 15 days they try to repair it until I complain that the phone isnt even a month old and I want a new one.
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    The phone has a warranty from the manufacture for 1 year. Verizon should honor this and replace the phone for you if it is a defect. But then again it is Verizon and they dont care about customers (Love Sprint!!!). Anyway good luck they should replace but probably wont. Sprint will replace if you have something that is defective
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    If it's defective, it is repaired/replaced under the 1 year warranty. If you broke it, then you need to have the insurance to get a replacement or pay full price for a new one.
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    When I was with Verizon and my LG Chocolate went dark on me, they gave a new one, no hassles. That was a couple of years ago, but pretty sure they still have the same policy.
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    well Sprint of corse. dah...jk
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    i dont think verizons pre is even out yet isnt the release date the 25th
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    Verizon sucks! lol, no point here.

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